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I’m going to assume you are a photographer or artist and you came to this website because you liked my style of work. And it’s a good chance you are just starting out and want to have a unique style of your own. You have, indeed, come to the right place.

I feel everything is about your style. Once you have a style developed your draw a larger audience for your art. Not just on social media, but in real life. Here are things that change when you have a distinct style to your work.

  • Some of the best models will want to work with you to get your styled images of them for their portfolio

  • Your work will stand out so you won’t be competing with the ‘looks great right out of the camera’ gang out there

  • If you sell your photography services you’ll find you can set your rate and people will pay more to get your look and style.

Everything I talk about will lead you to the point of creating your own style, or helping you refine a style if you have one already. So get started and get your subscription.

A majority of the ‘sessions’ will be short but complete. I want to teach you in smaller segments so you can go practice and have the session to refer back to as you progress.

Subscriptions include full access to EVERYTHING. And NOTHING EVER goes away so you can come back and watch again as you learn. And, of course new things added every few days! We have a Facebook group where I announce new sessions as well as a list of the latest 10 just to the right of the section buttons.

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