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Remember, if you see some art you would like on your wall, or just on your phone in high res, let me know. I do sell both prints (up to 17”x22”) and digital copies for your pads and phones. Check it out!

And I provide 1on1 photography training as well as online training. And group sessions.


Ariana and I love to get creative. She’s up for anything I conjure up and that’s what makes the art flow. Of course, she’s totally beautiful and that helps.

She’s a mother of three.

Elley Cat

Another muse that is willing to do whatever might look awesome. Don’t tell her, but anything would look good with her. She’s a sweetie.


I’ve worked many, many times with this extraordinary woman. Always positive and energetic. And so many looks to her.


I’ve worked with this beautiful woman for years. We even went on a trip to Orlando to an amazing studio to work for 5 days once. That’s like Disney World for artists. She’s a constant beauty.