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NIK filters

I am not a big fan of filters really. Unless they are simply a little helper to get you to the look you want. If the filter look was your style, then everyone else who has that filter can look like you. So yeah, filters are okay if they are just a part of the process.

I use Imagenomic portraiture in just about every edit. But it just starts to make the skin the way I love it. It might not be for you at all. But it’s certainly a part of my style. We’ll have a session on that filter soon too.

NIK has a single product that is a collection of modules. I’ll talk about two. Color FX and Silver Effects. Today we start with Color Effects and I’ll do a different one for Silver FX so we can also talk about B&W in general too.

So, check out this overview and maybe try NIK for a month trial and see what you think of it.

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