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Happy Wednesday!!


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Well, Museletter 40 already. Seems like only yesterday I was sitting in Huntington Beach in a Bed and Breakfast and came to the conclusion I didn’t want to show all of my work on social media. Of course, some of it wouldn’t fly there anyhow. But the quality of the images after SM finishes compressing them really takes away from the art. So, 40 weeks later and over 400 subscribers and growing, I like this direction a lot. I hope you enjoy the art.

Although, according to the statistics, only half of you are actually opening the email. Not sure what that’s all about.

But as long as I enjoy creating my art and showing it off, it’ll be there for any who want to see it.

It’s finally cooling off here in Arizona and the plan this fall/winter is to do more location work. I’m getting cabin fever in the studio. Time for some dunes or old vintage trailers…something!! I took Tayler to downtown Tempe and we had some fun in the fresh air. I love the challenge of walking around and looking for interesting angles and light.

Speaking of light, the image of Elley on the right was done in a shower in Lake Havasu that I took during a class we were giving. It’s all natural light coming from a skylight. Pretty awesome, and her pose is perfect.

The offering this week is another mix of some old and some new. Take your time and enjoy them. All beautiful ladies in every sense. I’m so lucky they let me photograph them.

And if you are not subscribed, here you go!!

New images…

Here are some new and old and some old made new. Enjoy!

Until next week….

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