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Happy Wednesday!!


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The weeks are going by SO fast! Before we know it, there will be Christmas music in the stores. Well, tomorrow is Halloween so yeah, that starts day after tomorrow.

Linda and I signed up for an amazing trip in September of 2020. It’s a 7 day photography group in Ireland. Spending 7 days in a castle, each day going to a different part of Ireland and shoooting with beautiful models and wardrobe. This is a dream come true for me. I’m pretty excited about it. And the plan is to do that as our first week there, and then spend the next 3 or 4 weeks running around Ireland and England like I did last June. The difference is, I’ll have my sweetie on my arm.

So, the last week had some interesting and different photography opportunities for me. One shoot with two ladies, and a fine art nude shoot, and a few others. The images below are a collection of what I couldn’t post on social media as well as a few older ones that snuck in the pile. I've decided to post more of my work on social media with large banners across any bikini-ish parts. I need to boost the traffic to my website and that seems to be the only way.

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So, on to some art. I put a lot of cool Halloween-ish images in a second gallery.

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New images…

Here are some new and old and some old made new. Enjoy!

Until next week….

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