This week in the life…

Happy Wednesday!!


RitchieAlvarado0919classincali - DKAL1474.jpg

It has been a very short week for me when it comes to editing. A quick 4 day trip to California and before that was a 2 day class with a student who flew in from Houston. The class went well, then headed to California to take a class myself. I took some marketing images for the instructor, Philip Ritchie, a long time inspiration of mine. That’s him about to murder the model with scissors on the right. A little behind the scenes.

This coming week isn’t much better I’m afraid. Except for 8 lucky class members who will be attending my Fine Art Nude Lighting class in Havasu. But, I’ll have a day to play with Elley in a very nice house and pool so I expect those images will fill any holes for the next few months. Certainly fun.

And I made a few contacts in California when I went and it looks like I’m going to be taking the training show on the road. In November I’ll be doing at least one class in Huntington Beach and if that books up fast I’ll add another day. I’m going to start including a month of my online training with my live classes so people can go home and practice and have the training website as a reference. That should help make the learning process more productive and comfortable.

So, on to the images. And wish me luck getting more edited next week. Oh, and thank you for telling your friends to sign up. I’m getting 5 or 6 new subscriptions a day now.

And if you are not subscribed, here you go!!

New images…

I have very little time to edit this week. It pains me when that happens. But here is what I did get. Including some shots of the amazing Phillip Ritchie, a fellow artist, directing a model.

And since I was so busy and didn’t get a good collection of new edits, here are some past favorites with Marcela! BTW, she’s studying to be a dental hygienist and needs people to practice on. Here’s your chance to have a really nice young lady work on your teeth.

Until next week….

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