After over four years of various photographic ventures into everything from weddings to babies to families to fashion I've come to the cross roads on just exactly how I want my photography, and hence, the rest of my life, to play out.  And it's not any of those. I am totally in love with the fine art aspect of what photography can be.  There are plenty of photographers out there that shoot all those other things and a few that devote their craft to the fine arts.  I have the pleasure of going in whatever direction my heart and mind want to go.  I should add that I have the most beautiful and understanding wife any artist could have.  She wants me to be as happy as possible in my pursuits in the fall of my life.  I love her so.  Thank you Linda!

So, to make it more clear as to my direction I have changed the name of my 'business' from Dave Kelley Photography to Dave Kelley Artistics.  The second being far less likely to be asked to shoot babies, puppies, or kids.  I love them all, I just don't find any satisfaction in photographing them.

If you are looking for a great photographer for more common work check out these folks.


That leaves me with time to continue to learn about all of the tools I use to create my art.  I'm a geek, so learning what I can about cameras and lighting makes my mouth water of course, and learning more about Photoshop, Lightroom, and now Final Cut Pro for artistic videos, I'm pretty much in geek heaven.  My shooting schedule will go from 'hey, let's shoot' to a far more idea based approach.  As I come up with ideas that intrigue me I'll plan them out and find models that fit the look and make it happen.

I don't really consider what I do a business.  I am open for hire but only if I'm in control of the art created.  Otherwise I will make available my art for purchase as I create it.  Luckily I've had a lot of interest in people wanting my art on their walls.

So there you have it.  A new name to signify the new direction.

My work will be edgier, probably a bit darker, and all over the board from vintage, to nudes, to cosplay, and even some short videos with either music or editorial or documentary feels to them.  Whatever interests me.

If you want to model for one of my projects feel free to let me know.  Understand that artistic work may very well include nude or semi nude poses.  The finished product is always classy and edgy and rarely actually shows more than a basic bikini, but when I'm creating it's important that the model is 100% comfortable with whatever we come up with.

I want to thank those who have encouraged me, and worked with me as a model, makeup artist, or hair stylist.  Your art is most certainly main ingredients in anything I've done or will do.