My solution to equipment at locations

I love shooting on location.  And up until now, I had my camera on an R Strap around my neck, a beauty dish on a stand with a Vagabond battery/inverter and that combination would be hoisted on my shoulders when we moved locations.  And I move around a LOT.  Usually 10-20 shots and I move to the next spot.

Of course, I might get hassled by the cops for looking homeless now, but that takes the pressure off of being a photographer without some 'permit'.

I've tried several other options and they just proved to cumbersome to use.  Wheels to small, or not enough room to carry everything I needed.  

Enter, the wending cart from Harbor Freight.  About $60 and easy to put together.  In the photos I haven't attached the center pole for the flash with pipe clamps yet but that's how it will mount.  That pole with a lot of height is simply the center of a standard light stand.  When lowered all the way it's as high as the handle.

The way it sits on the ground flat when sitting as seen in the pictures is perfect.  It's not going to roll anywhere and it's pretty solid.  The wheels are big enough to easily go over curbs.  Wider wheels would be cool to go over sand, loose gravel or dirt better, but still big around enough to make pulling a heavy cart easier than smaller wheels.

The handle doesn't fold down, it's designed to be a solid device.

About 20" deep, 30" wide, and 50" tall.  A good size trunk MIGHT handle it, but a truck or SUV would work better....especially since you still have to have room for all the stuff to go on it.

It comes in any color you want.  As long as you want red.

I haven't actually taken it out in the field yet, but I am pretty certain it'll be a shoulder saver without adding other issues.

Let me know if you have any questions.