Copy Cat?!?

This was a posting I did on Facebook on April 1, 2013.  I rather enjoyed putting it together so I wanted to keep it here for future reference. *****

I'm SO tired of all you photographers out there copying my work. So, from today on here are a few rules you all need to follow. Pay attention.

1. Do not shoot with any models I've ever shot with or may shoot with for the next couple decades.

2. I shoot with studio lighting so no shooting with studio lighting…it might look like my work. Oh, and no natural sun light either…I do location work and I'm sure your work will be the same basic light temperature as mine and that's not acceptable. You may use infrared or exactly 5423 kelvin…I don't plan to use those.

3. I have a full frame and a crop camera. So, obviously, those are out of the question. Use your cell phone but only 5mp or below.

4. If you post a picture on Facebook (given rules 1-3 that would be of your dog or cat in the dark with your cell phone) and you get even one 'like' you must pull it immediately. After all, that's a like that should be on one of my masterpieces.

5. I will assume any picture you take as a copy of one of mine. After all, imitation is the sincerest for of flattery and we all know how important flattering me is, so I'm sure it's a copy! There you go!! Proof!

Above all else - have a wonderful April, starting with, naturally, April fools day.