The inadvertent penis...

Yeah, bet that title got you wondering.

This episode is for models and specifically about posing.

First, let's look at an example of what we'll be talking about here.  And this isn't to give one of my favorite models a hard time...she and I have done some wonderful work together.  But she did give me a perfect example so I'm going to use the shot.  Sorry Marcela, love you.  ;)

Now, if you haven't seen the topic of this blog in this shot then, well, look harder.

When a shoot is going on, and everyone is doing their job, there is a lot going happening.  The photographer is looking at the lighting, the general pose, and all of the technical things to get it exposed correctly.  There is a reason everyone is exhausted at the end of a shoot.

The model, if she's doing it right, will have far more to do than look pretty and say cheese.  (Okay, actually, if you have her say cheese stop reading right now)

The model needs to consider what the photographer is seeing from his or her perspective.  That means everything from the tilt of the head to the tips of the fingers to tips of the toes.  Everything.  The angles of everything and what they should look like to the photographer.

Once the model is in a pose, he or she should make only small changes every time the flash goes off.  This makes it easier to consider how things might look to the photographer with slight changes instead of drastic ones.  What can be seen and what can't.  Or, in some cases, shouldn't be seen.  

When I'm shooting my art, the most important element to me is the shape of a woman's body.  The lines of the hip, the legs, the curve of her back, and the way the light hits those areas.  When I do that type of shoot it seems I'm constantly asking the model to move their arms to not take away from those lines.  In artistic nudes it is super important that everything is exactly right for the art to show through.  In other types of photography is just slightly less important.  

Models should always keep in mind how they look to the camera.  It's not easy.  But it's your job.  Every photographer I know will show the model the results from the last set of images taken on the back of the camera.  Take that moment to look close at your pose and how you look to the camera.  Not just how your face looks.  Yeah, we know what you are looking at really.  The photographer won't mind if you sit and take your time looking closely at the poses and even try some over again if you see where you can improve.  Do it.

If you don't do any photography as a model you might want to take some time, and a  willing friend, and using your phone, do a mini photoshoot with them.  This would give you a chance to consciously spend time behind the camera and get a feel for what someone looks like from that vantage point.  It seems silly because I'm sure you've taken hundreds of shots before, but this time, think about exactly what you are seeing.  Even direct the person some to get an idea.  It will most certainly help your thinking as a model in front of the camera.

And just maybe there will be fewer inadvertent penises in the shots.